At Space Technology Holdings we believe that the uniqueness and accessibility of the space environment will be the impetus for a new generation of intellectual property (IP) and economic advancements offering the promise of great value to humanity.

Upon identifying a promising IP candidate or company, we perform extensive due diligence of the technology and all aspects of the enterprise with a view to bringing a profitable product or service to market. In some cases, we identify non-space related technologies that might benefit from exposure to the space arena. This is already broadly practiced successfully in the biotech fields of stem cell, oncology and mammalian tissue architecture.

Space research of necessity is conducted across a wide range of disciplines. It is because of this cross-pollination of normally unrelated R&D that we have identified innovative marriages of technology that might never have seen the light of day elsewhere. Our team examines promising candidate technologies and capable management teams in many disciplines.

Our input includes administrative management, technical prowess, marketing and the construction of an investible company. STH takes equity positions in the joint ventures as they develop: we construct, team build, operate and grow them.