50 years ago the Space Race was between Capitalism and Communism. Today the New Space Race is between Capitalists.

The Economist, April 2016

Private industry is fast moving into the realm of the high ground of space, not only in the well-established and highly profitable sphere of telecommunications, but also in other aspects of use of the space environment including transportation, logistics, security, biotech, Nano-technology, semiconductors, manufacturing, materials science, imaging, climate monitoring, global positioning and more.

The STH team has developed working relationships with several rising technology companies that are on their way to becoming breakthrough winners. We have identified companies with technologies under development that we believe meet the criteria of space-designed or derived IP that could be disruptive to several global markets.

The STH business model is to:


apply our unrivaled team's deep domain subject matter expertise with knowledge of the space environment and the opportunities it presents


combine with a rigorous and disciplined approach to commercializing these technologies


provide the human and financial capital to validate and transform these “opportunities” into commercially successful companies resulting in sustainable value and ROI for our investors