The Founders of Space Technology Holdings have decades of joint experience in the space industry. We have been directly involved in the design and management of highly sophisticated systems such as the International Space Station (ISS), the Space Shuttle and the SpaceX DragonLab. We have developed lifelong relationships within almost every facet of the larger space industry. We have worked with almost every major research University in the country and through those connections have access to information unavailable to others.

In Honor of Dr. Michael Wiskerchen

It is with heavy hearts we share the sad news of the passing of Dr. Mike. A brilliant mind, keen wit, always genuine and a true friend and valued colleague, he will be truly missed.

A co-founder of Space Technology Holdings, with a notable career in the space industry, Dr. Mike realized that, space was now a commercial venture, with many avenues to pursue, and he did so with a professionalism and gusto unmatched in the industry, commanding both recognition and respect from colleagues, peers and all who knew him.

Michael was a husband, father, friend and colleague – and we thank him for all that he contributed to us both in business and in our personal lives. We are all still reeling from this loss and wish only the best for his family in this very difficult time. Please keep Dr. Mike in your thoughts and in your prayers.

Rest among the stars Mike!

Additionally, we have joined forces with experts in fields as diverse as biotechnology, agricultural bio-stimulants, oncological immunotherapy, spacecraft design, propulsion, hydrogen generation, satellite imaging, semiconductor and fiber optic manufacturing, launch vehicle operation, materials processing, global business management, innovation excellence and more.